Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7.29.12 - Part 2 - More Pics

Sorry, I had to download pics from both the camera and my phone and it's just plain easier to create a new post instead of shifting pics around to keep 'in order'. If you use blogger, then you can empathize.

House survived 2 recent thunderstorms - A true test to check for any issues during construction

Close-up of Outdoor Garage Light Fixture

Family Room  Carpet

Close-up (very neutral color)

Standing in Family Room Looking at Front Door

2 Support Braces installed underneath bar counter

Hardwood floor in Morning Room

Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet

Hardwood Floor Covered Up in Kitchen & Morning Room

Front Living Room carpeted

Front Foyer wood meets Living Room carpet

Guest Bathroom Foyer Hardwood Floor meets Office Carpet

Towel Bar and Toilet Tissue Holder Installed - Guest Bathroom Downstairs

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  1. I love the kitchen faucet and the granite is very pretty! Nice choice!