Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, 7.31.12 - Painting & Then Some

Sooooo our current dilemma is that we thought we were getting our microwave installed above our gas stove - however when you get a gas stove - you then by default have to get the 'alternate' layout which moves your microwave over to the side counter (see next pic below) - however they already installed an oversized cabinet which now has to be removed and replaced with a small one to allow room for a microwave :(  New code that rolled out a year ago states that there must be 30" clearance from the top of the gas stove to the bottom of a microwave - well my PM marked this with the white tape shown in the pic directly below. I went out there to gauge how high this would be with my height and it's just too darn high!  So unfortunately I'm bummed to say that we will have to have our microwave across the kitchen all by itself beside the referigerator. Not a happy camper.

Existing Tall Cabinet - soon to be removed :( to allow room for a microwave and have a short cabinet installed above it.

Screen door and handles installed on Sliding Door off of Morning Room

FINALLY! They installed/dry-walled our arch-way leading to the Guest Bathroom and Office. Clearly more work has to be done here to smooth it all out but still - it's a step closer :)

Front Door Gets Painted - Dark Navy to match shutters

Living Room - a random square hole that should have never got cut out gets patched up. Another boo-boo, oh the joys of building

Yay! My access panel in master closet that backs up to the master tub so I can add in a side hand-held shower in the future. My Project Manager was very nice & accomodating to have this installed.

Stairs banister gets 1st coat of Stain!  Looking good!


Basement Window - Finally UNVEILED!  We can see light!

Basement Walkout Door gets painted Navy Blue to match front color scheme

Front Door Entrance - Side Iron Rails installed!

7.29.12 - Part 2 - More Pics

Sorry, I had to download pics from both the camera and my phone and it's just plain easier to create a new post instead of shifting pics around to keep 'in order'. If you use blogger, then you can empathize.

House survived 2 recent thunderstorms - A true test to check for any issues during construction

Close-up of Outdoor Garage Light Fixture

Family Room  Carpet

Close-up (very neutral color)

Standing in Family Room Looking at Front Door

2 Support Braces installed underneath bar counter

Hardwood floor in Morning Room

Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet

Hardwood Floor Covered Up in Kitchen & Morning Room

Front Living Room carpeted

Front Foyer wood meets Living Room carpet

Guest Bathroom Foyer Hardwood Floor meets Office Carpet

Towel Bar and Toilet Tissue Holder Installed - Guest Bathroom Downstairs

Sunday, 7.29.12 - We have FLOORING!

Stairs - Both side rails and banisters installed

Looking upstairs

Family Room Carpet

Master Bedroom Carpet

Master Bedroom - left door leading into hallway

Glass Doors installed on shower enclosure

Carpet in Master Closet & Shelving Installed

Upstairs Foyer - carpet installed

Upstairs Linen/Utility Closet

Upstairs Foyer/Hallway

Upstairs Guest Bedroom with Carpet - Directly Across from 'Craft/Misc Room'

Carpet installed in 'Craft Room'
Laundry Room - Shelf Installed

 Carpeted Stairs Leading Down to Basement, Side Banister Railing Installed

Carpeted Basement!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thursday - 7.26.12 - Driveway & Floors

Driveway Poured!! And the siding completed on top of Garage Door

  Outdoor Light Fixtures On

Front Porch Roof Getting Redone

Kitchen Hardwood Floor Installed & Gas Stove!
Recessed Lighting On, Hardware on Cabinets

Front Foyer Hardwood Floors Installed & Light Fixture

Other side railing installed (right side in this pic)- looking down into archway leading to guest bathroom