Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wed. 6/27 Update - No pics...yet

Spoke with our PM this morning, all inspections passed!  Therefore they are starting to install insulation on the inside as early as today. On the outside - they started putting the brick on the front. The siding will go on Friday on the remaining sides of the house.  We will meet with the PM Friday morning to do a Q&A walk-through before they start hanging the dry wall which could be later that day. Pics to be posted later this weekend of our walk-through w/insulation.

Not sure if anyone else has addressed this - but I would like a side handspray for the Master Bath tub which has to be done post-closing since they only offer standard bath products.  Therefore asking PM on Friday the best solutions to build an access door to later install this since whether that be through the back of the closet wall etc. since they tile in the front skirt of the bath.  I'm unaware of any Roman Tub Faucets that are detachable (the spout only) similar to Pull-out Kitchen Faucets or that would be the easy solution vs. installing a separate hand spray.  Open for any thoughts here :)


  1. We have access to the shut off valves for the tub through the master closet. Our PM does that as standard for the Verona. If you would like pics of ours, please let me know and I'd be happy to send you some.

    1. Rachel,
      Yes - if you wouldn't mind sending me a pic or two would be great!
      My email is

      Thank you so much!!!

  2. Our insulation goes in tomorrow also! We had a pre-drywall meeting this morning.