Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7 - Framing Day 2 - 1st Floor Almost Done!

In the Family Room Looking Towards Front of House

Family Room

Back Morning Room off of the Kitchen

Sliding Door to the left of Morning Room

Front/Right Dining Room looking towards opposite Front Living Room

Standing in Dining Room looking into Family Room through Hallway, Basement Door to Immediate Left where the square cut out is

Front Left Living Room

Study Room in the Back Left of the House

Gas Logs/Fireplace

Back Left Window in Family Room Looking out into Woods

Family Room standing in front of Staircase to the Right

Family Room with Kitchen to the Right and Morning Room in the Back

Left Side of House

Back Left Corner of House

Back of the Basement (Facing Towards Front of House) which will be Storage Area

Looking back Towards the Back Door

Our small window

Back of Morning Room

Front Right Side of House

Our staircases for Basement and Upstairs

Windows (circle window will be upstairs in the laundry room showing on the front of the house)

Sliding Door & French Door



  1. I just found your blog. We just closed on our Verona in May. I can tell you it's a wonderful floor plan. We also have Elevation B. Good luck with your build. I look forward to following your progress :)